Stone Age Launch

Stone Age is finally here! I’m excited to share this news and hope that it’s enjoyable for all. Stone Age is a easy to play endless survival game that puts your rock hurling skills to the test. The controls are easy to learn but only the most accurate of rock hurlers shall prevail. The app is available for FREE for Android and iOS. Check below for more details, a short trailer, and links to the downloads.

Endless rock hurtling awaits in your quest to defend your family from the beasts of the wilderness!

Summon your strength to hurl giant boulders at the prehistoric enemies charging relentlessly toward you. Throw fast and throw well, for every miss will cost you. As more and more enemies pile up against you, activate a variety of power ups to aid you. 

Challenge your friends to see who can last the longest and slay the most enemies!

Download today for free on Google Play | iOS App Store

For more information on Lumis Entertainment, visit our website here.



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Dude, I love it! Best of luck! ???‍♀️