Starscape: Galaxy Heroes

Explore countless planets across the stars as you fight your way to become the galaxy’s finest Hero!

STARSCAPE is an epic Rogue-like game filled with action and adventure. Fearsome enemies of all kinds – aliens, monsters, robots and more – have terrorized the galaxy for long enough. Find fame and fortune as you battle through these opponents to protect the innocent!

Collect loot along the way to equip and customize your hero to become the strongest there is.


  • Fast-paced and exciting Rogue-like gameplay
  • Endless amount of levels as you explore different planets and spaceships, each with its own unique enemies and challenges
  • Choose from a variety of powerful weapons, armor and cool sci-fi gadgets to customize your hero
  • Try different play styles with hundreds of unique combinations of skills and mods
  • Never-ending Arena mode to see how long you can last, Gladiator style
  • Constantly updated and improved with new challenges

The galaxy needs heroes! Will you heed the call?




The galaxy needs heroes! Will you heed the call? Download Now!