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Lake 22 Trail Report

The curiously-named Lake Twentytwo is the center of an oasis of alpine wetland nestled on the northern shoulder of Mount Pilchuck. The hike to the lake combines the best of mountain rainforests, old-growth, wetlands, and mountain views, yet it is readily accessible. In winter the route lends itself to snowshoeing.
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A Summer In Washington

As short as summers are in the pacific north west, I was lucky enough to be able to get out of town quite a lot and explore all that the PNW has to offer. My first 6 months on the west coast has just ended and I’ve been quite surprised
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Artist Point and Picture Lake Trip Report

Artist Point is an interesting location, it’s only open a few months of the year when it’s not buried in tens of feet of snow. I’ve been meaning to head back up to the North Cascades but it’s always been a decision between a < 2 hour drive to Mt.
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Glacier Basin and Emmons Moraine Trail Report

Glacier Basin and Emmons Moraine are both easy/moderate trails that start near the White River Campground at Mount Ranier National Park. The trail begins at the far end of the White River Campground. Limited parking is available in the ‘climber / picnic’ parking lot as well as along the side
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Mount Washington Trip Report

Mount Washington is a moderate trail a short distance from Seattle just past North Bend. I made a day trip early Saturday morning to check it out. The trail was easy to find, take exit 38 off I90 and make the first right. You’ll quickly see a sign for Ollalie
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Goat Mountain Trip Report

I took a weekend backpacking trip to Goat Mountain this past weekend in the North Cascades. The drive up from Seattle wasn’t bad. Traffic was light and we arrived at the trail-head at around 10 A.M. There isn’t too much parking space, but if you arrive early there should be
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From Coast To Coast

I’m in Seattle! Since my last post I’ve packed my bags and flew across all the great states to Seattle. For the time being I’ll have to say good bye to New Jersey and call Washington my new home. It’s been a hectic past month, finding a new home, moving
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Fall Update

It’s been a while since my last update so I just wanted to share a little update. It’s been quite hectic and busy lately, with the launch of Stone Age, work on my new project (to be shared later), and of course the peak of Fall. I’ve been trying to
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Finding Tradition in Hong Kong

While bright lights, towering skyscrapers, and a glitzy skyline often comes to mind when thinking about Hong Kong, hidden among the modern marvels of steel, concrete, and glass, and over 7 million residents are more traditional and historic treasures. If you know where to look. Lamma Island Also known as
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Mid-Winter Update

Having recently returned from Germany, I’ve finally had the time to sit down and provide a little update as to what’s going on moving forward. It’s been a exciting past 8 months. Looking back it seems like it’s only been a few days, but fast forward and I find myself
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