Mid-Winter Update

Having recently returned from Germany, I’ve finally had the time to sit down and provide a little update as to what’s going on moving forward. It’s been a exciting past 8 months. Looking back it seems like it’s only been a few days, but fast forward and I find myself having visited Europe twice in 6 months while spending 4 in Asia! My journey started in Frankfurt, Germany and moved through to Austria, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and then back to Germany, Austria, and finally Switzerland.

So what’s next? In the next few months in addition to processing my photos, I hope to reflect on my journey and figure out what lies ahead. In the mean time I’ll try to provide some valuable (I hope?) insight on the different places I’ve been to.

As a little side note, the app I’ve been working on (albeit slowly and painstakingly) is reaching a point where it’s almost ready to be played! I won’t take the wraps off the hood right now but as a little teaser I’ll leave this here.




Hey there, I’m Jon! I love landscape photography which is why I travel all the time! On my blog I’ll share all the best spots for epic sunsets and sunrises as well as some photography tips and tricks. I also have a interest in game design so you’ll find the occasional post about that too. Thanks for visiting!

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Which one of the robots is named E•Vahn ?


Beep boop Beeop